Muslim holiday impacted by coronavirus pandemic

Muslim holiday impacted by coronavirus pandemic

Aug 01, 2020

Abu Dhabi (UAE), Aug 1: Muslims have begun celebrating the annual Eid al-Adha, or the Feast of Sacrifice, with some countries placing restrictions on public gatherings due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Families typically mark the festival, which began Friday, by coming together to share the meat of a sacrificed animal.
The United Arab Emirates set a 4-day holiday period for the occasion from Thursday.
But authorities in the Gulf state have banned special morning prayers due to the pandemic. Worshippers must submit to temperature checks before entering mosques for regular prayers.
Inside, they are asked to maintain distance from other people using yellow stickers on the floor as guides.
In neighboring Oman, a night-time curfew is in place during the holiday period for the pandemic.
Source: NHK World