Trump challenges Biden to debate and golf match

Trump challenges Biden to debate and golf match

Jul 10, 2024

Washington DC [US], July 10: "Let's have another debate this week so Joe Biden can prove he's fit to be president. But this time it's going to be a live debate, no moderator, no interference," Trump said at a rally in Doral, Florida on July 9, The Hill reported.
However, in terms of timing, this challenge is unlikely to come true, with President Joe Biden having a busy schedule this week with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) summit and a campaign rally in Detroit, Michigan. The two are scheduled to have a second televised debate in September.
Also at the Doral rally, Trump challenged Biden to an 18-hole golf match, which would be held on Trump's golf course and broadcast live. The former president also said he would donate $1 million to any foundation Biden chose if the incumbent White House chief won.
During the June 27 debate, when the issue of age was brought up, Mr. Biden and Mr. Trump criticized each other's golfing ability. The US President challenged his Republican opponent to a match "if Mr. Trump could carry his own golf bag."
Mr Biden's campaign responded to Mr Trump's remarks at Doral, saying: "The President has no time for Mr Trump's antics. He (Biden) is busy leading America and protecting the free world."
President Biden's performance at the debate in late June left many Democrats worried about his chances of winning against Donald Trump. Biden has vowed to continue his campaign to the end.
Source: Thanh Nien Newspaper